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Soarus, L.L.C.: Established in 1996, Soarus, L.L.C. is a group company of Mitsubishi Chemical and Soarus is the sales, marketing, and R&D arm for Nippon Gohsei in North and South America. Soarus' main products are Soarnol (EVOH copolymer), Gohsenx (Specialty PVOH), Nichigo G-Polymer, and Hi-Selon (Water-soluble film). Soarus along with its sister company MSI Technology, L.L.C., has a staff of highly trained technical individuals with many years of experience in polymer science and process technology whose aim is to help you with your individual needs. Our fully equipped laboratory allows us to aid our customers in both technical service and product development. All things considered, Soarus offers a one-of-a-kind high level of service and support.

MSI Technology, L.L.C.: Established in 1997, MSI Technology, L.L.C. (MSIT) is an independent company from Soarus and NGUS (see below) and is privately held and headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL. MSIT specializes in the sales, marketing, and development of specialty
polymers, which includes extrudable adhesives, peelable sealant resins, and other non-commodity resins. The Company offers synergistic products to those offered by Soarus with a product line consisting of Plexar (tie-layer adhesives), SPS peelable sealants, and SpeciPurge purging
resins to markets all over the world. Together, Soarus and MSI Technology supply products to the industry which go hand-and-hand, resulting in being able to offer multifaceted product solutions to our customers.

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